Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer is Half Over

I cannot believe that summer is about half over. Jake and Brooke are only here about half the time and spend the other half asleep or hanging out here with friends. My job as a mother seems to be reduced to chaperoning, chauffeuring, and cooking.

Jake had another fun year at Kids on Stage. He had to play the bass this year because there was no more room for guitarists. He has played the bass a few times, so it worked out. I think Brooke has successfully swam in every neighborhood pool in Thompson's Station. She and her friends have done a great job at being faithful to the sunscreen. Yea. I don't think either has finished their summer reading projects yet, but hey why not just wait until the last minute?

The fourth was spent very low key this year, even the neighborhood fireworks seem much more subdued than usual. I guess with all the stuff going on with the economy- no one was in the mood to spend several hundred dollars on fireworks. Based on what we've seen in the sky around here in the past- some must have spent at least $1,000 or so. CRAZY!!!!!!!

I head back to work on August 4th at Heritage Middle. I still haven't moved into my portable as it isn't yet ready. The summer seems to get shorter and shorter every year!

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