Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer is Half Over

I cannot believe that summer is about half over. Jake and Brooke are only here about half the time and spend the other half asleep or hanging out here with friends. My job as a mother seems to be reduced to chaperoning, chauffeuring, and cooking.

Jake had another fun year at Kids on Stage. He had to play the bass this year because there was no more room for guitarists. He has played the bass a few times, so it worked out. I think Brooke has successfully swam in every neighborhood pool in Thompson's Station. She and her friends have done a great job at being faithful to the sunscreen. Yea. I don't think either has finished their summer reading projects yet, but hey why not just wait until the last minute?

The fourth was spent very low key this year, even the neighborhood fireworks seem much more subdued than usual. I guess with all the stuff going on with the economy- no one was in the mood to spend several hundred dollars on fireworks. Based on what we've seen in the sky around here in the past- some must have spent at least $1,000 or so. CRAZY!!!!!!!

I head back to work on August 4th at Heritage Middle. I still haven't moved into my portable as it isn't yet ready. The summer seems to get shorter and shorter every year!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting Into the Groove

Our family seems to have gotten into the groove of the summer. Other than my failed IUD insertion and one broken down car, things have gone along smoothly.

Jake has successfully completed driver's ed and will be eligible to get his license in August. He is at Kids on Stage this week with performance on Friday night. It is amazing at how talented these kids are and what they can put together in just a week. Jake sent me a text this morning to let me know that Vince Gill had shown up as part of their morning program. How cool!

Brooke is mostly hanging out at the various neighborhood pools, texting, playing guitar, and chillin' with friends. Did you hear about the texting contest that was held? Some 15 year old girl won $50,000!!!!!! Whoa. In April, Brooke sent 10,000 texts- I am not kidding. Maybe we should sign her up next year...

I've been reading a lot and trying to get to Zumba (think aerobics, but dancing) at least once a week. Tennis lessons started again three weeks ago, but rained out until today. IT WAS SO HOT!!! It's good to get out of the house and get energized.

Have a good week.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Star is Born in Leiper's Fork

Fear: to feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event. We all have fears. That little something deep down inside that tells us, “This might be painful. I should avoid this."

We say that people who face their fears are courageous. We celebrate with them overcoming fears and apprehensions. Fears can be real or imagined, but it doesn’t really matter because to the person experiencing it, it is reality.

Last night, we headed to Puckett’s in Leiper’s Fork again. A very small crowd had gathered for writer’s night. When I say small I mean about eight other song writers/performers. Days before Ken had decided (and announced- making it more difficult to back out) that he would sign up to play two original songs Thursday night. As the days progressed I am sure the fear was growing. The fear of playing in front of people is one thing, but to put yourself out there; your thoughts, your feelings, your “self”.

As teachers we try everyday to create classroom environments for children to take risks and put themselves out there: to get up in front of the class and read, do a skit, share a story. No matter how old you get, putting yourself out there takes you back to when you were nine and standing in front of your peers with people expecting you to open yourself for all to see.

Some thrive on this feeling, for others it is a sickening feeling. As for my husband, I am very proud of his courage. He opened himself freely to the warm and welcoming peers there and shared his heart for all the world to see.

Ken Hughes- You rock!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GOTCHA in China!!!

My dear friend, Ann Trubey, has finally gotten her hands on her newest addition to her family, "Trubey- Party of Five". Ann is the blond in the picture grinning from ear to ear. It is so good to see her so happy after waiting so many years and seeing a glimmer of hope at each painstakingly slow step of the way. Congratulations to the Trubey family. All the best on your trip back. See you at the airport!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fifteen Years - Thank the Lord!

Last night I was lucky enough to celebrate 15 years of marriage with my wonderful husband. As with any marriage there have been ups and downs; luckily there have been mostly "ups".

To celebrate, we went to an eclectic little place (and I do mean little) about 20 minutes west of Thompson's Station called Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant located in Leiper's Fork- yes that's where Nicole and Keith (Urban) live. There, the specialty is Bar-b-que, but you go there for the music. Thursday night is open mic night. Song writers from all over come to sign in and test out their stuff on the folks gathered. The talent that oozes from this area is unbelievable.

We sat in awe with our friends, the Wilsons, and took it all in for an hour and a half. Each person gets two songs to entertain the crowd. It was a perfect night: good food, good friends, and good music. I am so lucky.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Too Young For This

Jacob, now 16 and not yet legal to drive on his own, is officially signed up for Driver's Ed. His girlfriend, also 16, (as of last Tuesday) is now an official licensed driver. They are now free of parental availability to get to and from the many places teenagers just HAVE to go to. They both seem so young. Thinking back to 16 I felt so old, now I still feel so young (too young) at 41.

Like it was yesterday: Jake and I are going somewhere in my old Volvo. I am driving, and he is in the back seat, 5 or so, still in a booster, in the middle seat. He was always a chatty child and conversations in the car (and even better- on the toilet) were usually good for a good laugh or two. On this day Jake says, "Mom, can I ask you a question? When I get big, will you teach me how to drive?" In my mind, I stop for a moment to savor the question and the moment, because I know good and well that in about 10 years he probably wouldn't be asking that. I said, "Sure, hon, I'd love to." He says, "But how will my feet reach the pedals?" I tell him that driving for him is 10 years away, and by then he will grow and be big enough to reach the pedals. He asks me to promise. I do.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It Begins

Greetings from Thompson's Station and the Hughes family! I hope to keep friends and family abreast of our family happenings this summer. We plan to fill most of our time laying by the pool and doing little to nothing, but you just never know what might happen around here! Talk to you soon. Laura

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