Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Too Young For This

Jacob, now 16 and not yet legal to drive on his own, is officially signed up for Driver's Ed. His girlfriend, also 16, (as of last Tuesday) is now an official licensed driver. They are now free of parental availability to get to and from the many places teenagers just HAVE to go to. They both seem so young. Thinking back to 16 I felt so old, now I still feel so young (too young) at 41.

Like it was yesterday: Jake and I are going somewhere in my old Volvo. I am driving, and he is in the back seat, 5 or so, still in a booster, in the middle seat. He was always a chatty child and conversations in the car (and even better- on the toilet) were usually good for a good laugh or two. On this day Jake says, "Mom, can I ask you a question? When I get big, will you teach me how to drive?" In my mind, I stop for a moment to savor the question and the moment, because I know good and well that in about 10 years he probably wouldn't be asking that. I said, "Sure, hon, I'd love to." He says, "But how will my feet reach the pedals?" I tell him that driving for him is 10 years away, and by then he will grow and be big enough to reach the pedals. He asks me to promise. I do.

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